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Pappinisseri is a census town in Kerela’s Kannur district. Pappinisseri basically consists of two different villages – Pappinisseri and Aroli. NH 17 and Kannur-Payyannur Highway – the two major roads run through Pappinisseri. Here is a detailed look at the town’s geography, culture, economy and more.


Geography in Pappinisseri

Pappinisseri has an average elevation of 1 metre. It is situated at 11.95°N 75.35°E. Major part of the town is surrounded by river Baliapatam. This river flows from Mankkadav in the East to CRC in the west. There are several small islands and beautiful hills in the vicinity.

The town borders Kalliasseri in the north-east and Valapattnam in the South West.

Distance from Different Cities within the state

Here is a look at the distance and the time required to travel from Pappinisseri to some of the main cities in Kerela:

Pappinisseri to Thiruvananthapuram: 470 km
Time Taken: Approximately 12 h 12 min

Pappinisseri to Kollam: 410 km
Time Taken: Approximately 10 h 52 min

Pappinisseri to Ernakulam: 270 km
Time Taken: Approximately 7 h 45 min

Pappinisseri to Kochi: 280 km
Time Taken: Approximately 7 h 50 min

Pappinisseri to Palakkad: 244 km
Time Taken: Approximately 6 h

Economy of Pappinisseri

Numerous skilled labourers and well-educated professionals reside in Pappinisseri. There are many corporate offices, factories and different businesses set up here. Together, these contribute to the town’s economy. Baliapattam is an old tile factory located here. It is famous for its variety of tiles throughout the town as well as the adjoining areas. The town also boasts of an old cotton factory – The Western Indian Cottons. These two factories have benefited Pappinisseri’s economy since several decades and continue to do so. Besides, the town also earns a good profit from its Handloom, Plywood and Hand weave industries. Milk production is also done on a large scale in the town.

Culture of Pappinisseri

The culture of Pappinisseri is much the same as that of the other parts of Kerela. People belonging to different communities live in harmony and rejoice in each other’s festivities in this census town. It is known to enrich the culture of the Kannur District.

Health in Pappinisseri

Many nursing homes and hospitals have been set up in the town to ensure that the health of the people living in Pappinisseri is taken care of properly. The Visha Chikilsa Kendram is one such hospital located here which is visited by people from different parts of the country. The hospital, situated on NH 17, near Panchayat is known for its team of doctors who are well-versed in diagnosing and treating poison or venom related cases. Recently, it has taken its speciality to the next level by setting up its own antevenom production unit.

Tourism in Pappinisseri

Pappinisseri is known for its chain of mesmerising islands that form a part of the Baliapatam river and add to its beauty. The Vadeswaram Hill is another attraction here. Famous by the name Kailasam, it is a picturesque piece of nature standing tall amid this small town. While these natural surroundings give you a good reason to visit the place, there are quite a few tourist spots that pull the tourists here. Here is a look at the same.


Snake Park
The town encompasses a big Snake Park that includ
es several species of Indian snakes. You shall be able to see many rare species of this venomous reptile.

Sree Vadeswaram Shiva Temple
This beautiful temple is located on a hill top in village Aroli. It attracts several pilgrims all round the year. The number increases during the Shiv Ratri festival.

Keecheri Paalottu Kavu
The temple is known for hosting an annual festival name Vishu Vilakkulsam. People belonging to different communities come together to celebrate this festival. Not just the residents of the town but people from the adjoining towns and villages also  visit the temple around this time.

Moonnu Pettumma Palli
Also known by the name, Kattile Palli, this is one of the most famous mosque located in the town. It attracts several Islam believers from different parts of the country.  The number of visitors increases during the annual festival Kattile Palli Nercha which is celebrated on a large scale here. Not just Muslims, people from other religions are also seen gathering in large numbers to rejoice in the festivity. It is a mark of secularism here.

Mankadavu Juma Masjid
This is also a famous Mosque which is visited by several people belonging to the Muslim community. It is located Mankadavu on Aroli-Parassinikkadavu road.

Aaron Church
Another place of religious importance, the Aaron Church is known for its beautiful architecture. It is located on NH-17 in Pappinisseri. The church is especially crowded on Sundays.

Mangroove Theme Park
This well maintained theme park attracts kids and adults alike. This is crowded with the local crowd on the weekends. The park also pulls several tourists.

Pampanthuruthi Island
The island known for its breathtaking beauty is a must visit for those of you who wish to spend some quite time amid the nature.

Valapattanam River
A stroll by the side of this river is enough to unwind you after a long hectic day. No wonder, it attracts large number of locals as well as tourists.

The Long Cave
This is another famous tourist spot here. This enchanting cave begins from the Keechri Hill and run until the Vadeswaram Pond.

Weekend Getaways from Pappinisseri

Here is a look at some of the weekend getaways from Pappinisseri:


Distance from Pappinisseri: Around 50 km
Time Taken: Approximately 1 hour

This is a famous hill station in Kannur district. One of the nearest from Pappinisseri, it is situated near the Pottenplave village. The hill station stands at a height of 1371.6 m above the sea level.  It is a must visit for the trekkers and nature lovers.

Distance from Pappinisseri: Around 93 km
Time Taken: Approximately 2 h 30 min

Known for its wildlife, evergreen forests and avifauna, Ranipuram is a great option if you are looking forward to spend quite time with your loved one. Jeep safari in the forest, bird watching and trekking are some of the activities you can enjoy here. The beauty of the place increases manifolds during the monsoon season.

Distance from Pappinisseri: Around 119 km
Time Taken: Approximately 3 h 25 min

This is a picturesque hill town located on the banks of the river Iruvanjippuzha in Kerela’s Kozhikode district. This small place encompasses everything a tourist visiting the hills can yearn for – beautiful waterfalls, valleys and mountains.

Transportation System in Pappinisseri

Pappinisseri is well connected to other parts of the state and also has a good transportation system so you can roam around comfortably within the town. Let us have a look at the different modes of transportation here:

By Road
There are many buses that run within the town and also those that connect this town with other towns, villages and cities in the state. You can also change the bus at Kannur to visit far-away places.

By Rail
The Pappinisseri and Valapattanam railway station located here see several trains running regularly. You can book a cab or take a bus to reach the Kannur Railway Station which is a major railway station located nearby.

By Air
The Calicut International Airport is the nearest airport situated here. It lies at a distance of around 125 km from Pappinisseri. Kannur International Airport is also under construction. The airport being built at Mattannur lies at a distance of 33 km from Pappinisseri.

Fact File of Pappinisseri

District: Kannur
Block: Taliparamba
Assembly Constituency: Azhikode
Elevation: 3 ft
Telephone Code: 0497278
Vehicle Registration: KL-13
PIN: 670561, 670566, 670565

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